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Professional photographers are using green screen technology to create new and exciting photo products for schools, sports, dances, students and parents. H&H’s green screen program is revolutionizing green screen for the independent professional photographer because it was created to have extremely high quality, innovative green screen product designs, professionally designed flexible sales flyers, and powerful workflow. H&H is the leading partner for professional school, sport, and event photographers whose customers expect the very best.

Now accepting applications for Green Screen for Spring 2014


Explore the possibilities with H&H’s full green screen program!

When H&H set out to provide green screen capabilities to our professional studio customers, we decided that the real business opportunity was in all of the creative prints, specialty products and multiple additional sale opportunities that a subject image without a background would present.   H&H made the decision to look to this future and built the process to support knocking out green screen images up front in high resolution and archive these knocked out images so they are available to use and sell from at no additional charge.   H&H has a one time charge for green screen knock out. After that there are no additional image processing charges. Your png images are available to use for service item orders, reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sale opportunities. You may also download your knocked out png images for other use.
When using our knockout service, all images in the submitted order must be green screen. Orders cannot contain both green screen and non-green screen images.

 benefits of green screen

  By utilizing green screen technology, you can offer your clients an unlimited number of background options and have access to new and exciting products.

 green screen sales flyers

Click here to see all of our school sales flyer options.
Need help designing? Click here to see our flyer design service options.

 green screen template products

All of our current school products and template styles are available for use with green screen workflow. Click here to see our full product range.  

 green screen background library

Use this form to request a new background library or changes to your existing library.
Please note: You must already have a background library OR be pre-approved for green screen before using this form.

Not sure what backgrounds are currently in your library?
Use this form to request a PDF contact sheet of your library. (will be sent via email)

Abstract Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
A-0001 A-0002 A-0003 A-0004 A-0005 A-0006 A-0007 A-0008 A-0009 A-0010
A-0011 A-0012 A-0013 A-0014 A-0015 A-0016 A-0017 A-0018 A-0019  A-0020

Old Masters Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
OM-0001 OM-0002 OM-0003 OM-0004 OM-0005 OM-0006 OM-0007 OM-0008 OM-0009 OM-0010
OM-0011 OM-0012 OM-0013 OM-0014 OM-0015 OM-0016 OM-0017 OM-0018 OM-0019 OM-0020

OM-0021 OM-0022 OM-0023 OM-0024 OM-0025

Holiday Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
H-0001 H-0002 H-0003 H-0004 H-0005 H-0006 H-0007 H-0008

Environmental Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
E-0001 E-0002 E-0004 E-0005 E-0006 E-0007 E-0008 E-0009

E-0010 E-0011 E-0012 E-0013
E-0014 E-0015 E-0016


Flag Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)

F-0001 F-0002 F-0003

2012 Spring Program Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
SP-0001 SP-0002 SP-0003 SP-0004 SP-0005 SP-0006 SP-0007 SP-0008 SP-0009 SP-0010
SP-0011 SP-0012 SP-0013 SP-0014 SP-0015 SP-0016 SP-0017 SP-0018 SP-0019 SP-0020
SP-0021 SP-0022 SP-0023 SP-0024 SP-0025 SP-0026 SP-0027 SP-0028 SP-0029 SP-0030

2013 Spring Program Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)
SP13-001 SP13-002 SP13-003 SP13-004 SP13-005 SP13-006 SP13-007 SP13-008 SP13-009 SP13-010

SP13-011 SP13-012 SP13-013 SP13-014 SP13-015 SP13-016 SP13-017 SP13-018 SP13-019 SP13-020

SP13-021 SP13-022 SP13-023

2014 Sage Tweed Spring Program Backgrounds (click here to view larger images)

SP14-0001 SP14-0002 SP14-0003 SP14-0004 SP14-0005 SP14-0006 SP14-0007

SP14-0009 SP14-00010 SP14-00011 SP14-0012 SP14-0013 SP14-0014 SP14-0015


What types of photography can I photograph using green screen?

School, Sport, Event, photography are all appropriate for green screen. If background replacement and innovative products will help you increase your sales and you can control your lighting for consistent background exposure, then green screen can be a good choice for you.

What is the approval process?

The green screen approval process is very simple. 
1. H&H will provide you with a lighting diagram for you to follow in creating your lighting set up.
2. You photograph specific types of images for the approval test. 
3. You submit your test images and background images for evaluation.
4. H&H will inspect the images and backgrounds to be sure that they meet the technical
    requirements to produce great green screen results.
5. H&H will make a set of prints to send to you for your evaluation.

Why do I have to be approved to do green screen with H&H Color Lab?

To produce the highest quality products for both our lab customers and the end consumer green screen image capture must be in a very specific way. We require the approval process to help our customers quickly move through the complexities of lighting and other technical issues that are associated with green screen photography.

How long does the approval process take?

Once we receive your test images, the approval process can take ten business days depending on how the images are photographed. Also remember to allow time to design and produce your flyer and set up your background library.

Which green screen should I use and how should I light it?

H&H Recommended green screen backgrounds:
Say Cheese
B&H Photo - Savage Paper
Green screen Lighting diagram


Where do I get the digital background files from?

There are many sources for digital backgrounds; Denny Mfg. Company is the largest single source of digital backgrounds you may purchase to use for your green screen images. In addition, H&H’s background library of 35 of most popular backgrounds for our customers to use at no additional charge with the purchase of green screen knockout.

Is clothing color a problem?

No problem. Any color clothing, even green, can have its background knocked out with H&H’s green screen KO technology. Green clothing/uniforms/props may be subject to additional knockout fees.

How much does it cost?

We tried to make it simple. At H&H you pay only one fee per edited image for green screen knock out. After that there are no additional charges for green screen – no matter how many backgrounds and products and resales you do from those images. The knockout charge includes your being able to download your high res knocked out PNG file!

Once I'm approved, how do I order?

Green screen orders are submitted to the lab either through our eZevent software or to H&H School package entry.

How long does an order take?

Green screen knockout service can add 2-3 working days to our standard working times. Typically with green screen, orders ship in 4-5 business days. Rushes are not available.

Will I receive my knocked out images?

Yes, your knocked out images are available to download after your order is invoiced.

If I photograph one green screen image then copy that image in eZevent so that I can show two different crops from the original image, am I charged for only one green screen knock out?

Yes, as long as you copy the image within eZevent, our systems know that these two images are from the same original image. You will be charged for only one green screen knock out even though you and your customer will see two different images to order from.