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custom guest books from our professional photo lab wedding albums for photographers
Image by: Kirk Voclain Photography   -   Graphics courtesy of: Graphic Authority   -   Design by: H&H Design Center

Our guest book becomes a personalized album that will be cherished by your clients. It is created with images on the left and parchment paper on the right side for guest signatures or personal comments or notes.

Contact our Design Center for your custom design print and bind solution!

PRICES PRODUCT INFO   service time: 2 - 10 days (depending on cover choice)

wedding photo albums for photographers wedding photography albums for professional photographers wedding guest books for photographers wedding albums for professional photographers
  • available in 2 sizes: 8x8 and 10x8 horizontal

  • choose your album cover from our great line up of stylish leathers or a custom designed photo cover

  • all pages are double weight

  • left side of the page is your image/design; right side is ivory marbled signature paper

  • All of our albums include our signature lay-flat pages that boast of one of the smallest center splits in the industry - allowing a stunning pano look across two separate pages.

  • album pages printed on luster photographic paper

  • albums have rounded page corners

 guest book album cover colors

genuine leather
black brown tan red white pink light blue

[download genuine leather album cover color images]

premium leather

black brown burgundy fawn grape ivory light blue

navy orange pink red tan too-too pink

[download premium leather album cover color images]

embossed exotics

black croc
brown croc
blueberry croc
orange croc
red croc
silver ostrich

deep raspberry
tangerine python
taupe python
silver python

[download embossed exotics album cover color images]

distressed leather
brown distressed leather luxury fashion album cover color red distressed leather luxury fashion album cover color



[download distressed leather album cover color images]

 guest book album cover options

album cameo album spine hubs album wood block spine with spine hubs album imprinting
album script font imprint album block font imprint


spine hubs

wood block spine
with spine hubs


parallel imprint

right angle imprint

script imprint font

block imprint font

cameo not available with genuine leather and embossed crocodile
imprint not available on embossed crocodile
• imprint colors: silver, gold, black, branded

 guest book album sizes

guest book ALBUM SIZES



4x5 aspect ratio horizontal




double weight


7 pages/14 sides


30 pages/60 sides

ALBUM page safety margins

8x8, 8x10


*NOTE: when ordering albums through LabPrints the following options are not available:
• Photo covers    
• Spine imprint
• Spine hubs
• Wood block spine w/hubs
• Double weight pages
• Black paper endsheets
• Pearl pages
• Luxe pages
• Economy albums
• Multiple albums in the same order